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MASGC Library

Welcome to the Mississippi-Alabama Sea Grant Consortium Library. In the more than 30 years of its existence, the MASCG has provided funding for thousands of research projects, many of which produce documentation ranging from one-page fact sheets to entire websites. The MASGC Library is an effort to categorize these publications into a user-friendly but comprehensive collection that makes as much of this material as is humanly possible available to the public free of charge.

The MASGC Library is divided into three areas; New Publications, Current Publications, and the Publications Library. Each of these areas is accessible through the links below:

New Publications
New Publications are those that have been produced within the last few months.

Current Publications
Any publication produced within the last four years will be found here. Serial publications (those that are produced on a regular schedule) have only the last four issues listed. Publications within each category are listed in descending order of release date, starting with the newest.

Publications Library
All publications produced by the MASGC that are currently available in digital format can be found here. As with the Current Publications, publications in this area listed in descending order of release date, starting with the newest.

Search for a Publication
If you wish to locate a specific publication or all publications on a specific topic, you can use our search feature. You can also search the National Sea Grant library, which houses publications produced by all 33 Sea Grant agencies.